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There are three types of stones; natural, tumbled and non-tumbled.

Natural stones are a product of nature. A stone such as granite, marble, limestone, slate travertine, or sandstone that is formed by nature, and is not artificial or manmade. Natural stones used for landscaping are called landscaping stones. With the extensive array of landscaping stones, more rewarding ways are coming in to enrich your home’s splendor. Stones such as granite, limestone, marble, slate and sandstone are the most widely used for landscaping.

Tumbled stones include marble, travertine, and slate tumbled in a solution of water, sand, and river rock, producing tiles with an old-world, weathered look. Tumbled stones are durable and make beautiful and elegant non-slip floors. These features make them one of the most prevalent stones used for outdoor patios, fireplaces, walls, steps, and other outdoor projects.

Non-tumbled stones do not have the distinguishing uniqueness and colors as their tumbled cousins.

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