We begin the process for all of our outdoor living project by first listening to you, the customer. We want your participation in our efforts to learn your desires and dreams. How will you use the new space? What plants and features do you like? We capture your thoughts and input first before we begin our design process.

We then take your ideas and move into the preliminary design stage. We include measurements from your property and sketch several design ideas, always keeping your wishes and thoughts in mind.

Using the feedback from the customer, the designer then chooses one of the concepts or combines parts of more than one to create the final design plan. The designer then creates the design and incorporates the grading concepts, the preliminary planting plan, and the placement of hardscaping elements.

Once the design is approved by the customer, the designer then turns the preliminary design into final copy. The final copy of the plan should include a plant chart which highlights the botanical and common names of each plant, the quantity and installation size, hardscapes, as well as any construction plans. We then are ready to proceed with appropriate permits, if necessary, demolition and removal, if necessary, excavation and grading, building and construction, and planting.


Expensive plant replacements and declining curb appeal can be prevented by early detection of landscape defects. Alpine Landscape, Inc. prides ourselves with our internal quality control program. Historical data tied to well defined inspection areas and preset priorities help us to maintain top quality at each area of your project.

Consistent inspections of your project and property help us keep an eye on trends with your project.

Quality control is all about you, the customer. We want your investment in your outdoor project to bring you dividends for many years to come. And our quality control program builds in factors and checklists to those dividends.