Landscape lighting gives you the opportunity to bring outdoor living alive after the sun goes down. Properly done, your outdoor spaces are more inviting, secure and captivating, as well as revealing the daytime beauty of your outdoor environment.

Landscape lighting has many aesthetic benefits. Well placed lighting on the walkways, paths, steps and driveways help avoid accidents. The use of floodlights and other lighting options will discourage vandals and prowlers. Grounds that are dramatically lighted at night look like a very opulent estate, which helps increase your property value for resale. Landscape lighting is very popular in that it can help highlight favorite flowers and shrubs. They also embellish trees, pools, fountains and masonry texture.

There are many different lighting techniques that actually paint your landscaping. Low voltage access lighting makes walkways easier and more inviting to use. Low voltage is typically rated at 12 volts. Accent lights can illuminate sculpture and hardscape while warm-colored spotlights can bring spectacular focus on ornamental plantings and especially certain species of ornamental trees. They are an impressive accent for statuary and other focal points.

There are various types of landscape lighting designs that help focus and direct the light beams. Some also cut off glare and protect the lamp and socket from debris and moisture. The low level lighting units are designed to cast illumination in a broader pattern for ground hugging flower beds, plantings, driveways, steps and paths. Others are designed to encompass more space. Some types available are Cylinder, Box Shape and Bullet Shape; Spread and Diffused; In-ground or Well Light; Spot or Accent Lights; Wall Bracket, Ceiling Close-up; Bollard and Past Lights; Swimming Pool and Fountain Lighting

Realtors recommend landscape lighting as a comparatively inexpensive way to increase property value, because it adds prestige and permanence to any home. Lighting can hide apparent landscape problems while emphasizing positive features, leaving the “cover of night” to help diminish what you do not want to illuminate.

An important factor in adding outdoor illumination is that it should be easy to operate. The fewer controls the better and should be along often used paths. Saving money is important but stability is also very important. Shiny interior light fixtures may look fine inside, but after a few months of outdoor exposure, finishes can peel, leaving metal to rust and disintegrate.
Alpine Landscape, Inc. designers will make sure to use only outdoor rated lighting fixtures and will show you many styles and types of lighting that will fit in well your landscape design.