An outdoor kitchen is a great addition to any outdoor living space. Outdoor kitchens bring your cooking outdoors and expand your cooking options. Cooking on the grill is great way to entertain company or just feed the family without heating up the kitchen. Going back and forth from the kitchen to the patio can get old after a while, and that is where an outdoor kitchen can help make the task simpler and more fun. Even the simplest of setup can make outdoor cooking more efficient, and the more elaborate they get the more time you will have to just stay outside until bedtime.

The simplest outdoor kitchens may consist of a paver brick surround with a stainless steel grill, as well as with a counter top base unit for work or storage space, while the most expansive outdoor kitchen can consist of everything you need to prepare an entire meal outdoors.

How you choose to design your outdoor kitchen will be based around your expectations. An outdoor kitchen expertly designed will allow for people to watch you as you cook, as well as plenty of room to walk around while you are entertaining guests. An outdoor kitchen might be designed with a serving bar or dining area to create an appealing and welcoming atmosphere. There should be an area for people to sit and socialize and make sure children will not be playing near the grill.

We will suggest many different options for appliances. If you have explicit cooking desires, let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

As with an indoor kitchen, proper design of the space will make cooking more comfortable and convenient. We will need to also consider the location of other outdoor features, such as pools, playgrounds, gardens and trees.

The options are limitless and only up to you and our designer’s imaginations. Please contact Alpine Landscape, Inc. today for an in-person consultation on how you, too, can enjoy the rewards of a stunning and functional outdoor kitchen and dining area.


Outdoor fireplaces are the perfect outdoor living centerpiece and add excitement to your outdoor living space. They provide a cozy source of warmth for a gathering during cool nights. You have a couple of different options. Do you like the idea of an outdoor fireplace or the new trend of outdoor firepits?

An outdoor stonework fireplace is a great choice when you have a lot of space to work with or want to make your outdoor living area feel more like an indoor room. A fireplace should be built in a way that will block wind for those huddled around it. Whether or not the fireplace is piped with natural gas is up to you. Having a wood burning fireplace with piped in gas to get the fire started is a popular choice.

Design and décor may include tiles, concrete, or stone façade elements, stucco, brick or pavers. If your landscape plans include a pool or spa, locate your fireplace or fire pit close by, so everyone can use both and stay warm on cold afternoons.

Integrated or cohesive fireplaces can be part of the design of your new custom home, whether attached or freestanding. If it is designed in to an exterior wall, an integrated fireplace is close enough to your patio entrance for a quick trip inside on cold nights plus using it as a great windbreak. Popular design materials and themes include English, Eastern brick, Southwestern adobe, or Old World traditional. Any elements and materials should understandably key into your home’s design.

In-ground fire pits are usually made of block or stucco and constructed in the center of a small circular enclosure. Proper fire pit design will help you get the most warmth and beauty for your dollar. Seats may be designed into a low circular wall to add privacy, while maintain heat. Gas percolators are often buried in this type of fire pit, allowing the gas to percolate up through sand or lava rock and burn at the surface. In-ground fire pits usually provide more even, less intense heat.

Masonry fire pits and fireplaces lend a woodsy, traditional appeal to your home. Slate, river rock and designed concrete façade elements capture the essence and custom you are looking for, without the high cost of real rock.

Alpine Landscape, Inc. designers can customize a fireplace or fire pit that can be the perfect finishing touch to help you enjoy the tranquility of your outdoor living space all year.