A great outdoor living space has become a lifestyle. We dream of a private escape where we can rejuvenate after a stressful week. Where the family and friends can create lasting memories. It also increases the livable square footage as well as the property value of our homes when we are ready to sell.

Outdoor Living Trends

We are already aware of outdoor living with outdoor furniture, kitchens, patio, fireplaces, fire pits, waterfalls, pools, pergolas, etc., but new ideas are always being made available and many are coming to the Naperville and Illinois area.

Outdoor Rooms

No longer does the outdoor room include just a barbecue grill and lawn chairs. Homeowners are requesting the landscape architects to design a setting that will include outdoor rooms complete with a kitchen, dining and living areas that they can enjoy in style.

There are many ways outdoor rooms can be created using garden furniture, pergolas to give the feeling of a ceiling, trellises that can mimic a wall, and beautiful trees and plants to accentuate the oasis you are trying to create. There are fabrics that resist fading and stains that are available to add rich color and plush comfort to the outdoor room scene.

Environmentally Friendly Options

To stay tuned with the “green” theme, there are many environmental friendly options such as adding native plants that are native to our specific geographical location and managing storm water more effectively with the use of rain barrels. Rain barrels store good quality rain water to help plants keep healthy and flourish without the chemicals of city water which suppress growth.

We also make sure we plant where they will thrive the best on their own, whether it is in the shade or sun.